A Rebranding Success
In Print And Across the Web

Case Study: How RightStaff Reflects Web Redesign In Print

Marfield Corporate Stationery and The TransSynergy Group pooled their expertise to create a colorful, leading-edge brand image that reflects the RightStaff Inc. corporate culture.

Rebranding Challenge

RightStaff Inc. needed to rebrand their marketing materials and create a new company "look and feel." Their goal was to refresh their website with the new look and better functionality. Then, translate their new look and feel to their marketing collateral.

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Their new website (RightStaffInc.com) is sharp, bold and colorful. RightStaff was very excited about their new look and wanted to have marketing materials to match. They needed something that would stand out and could be used as a sales piece for drop-ins, mailings, trade shows and meetings.

Rebranding Strategy

The TransSynergy Group worked with RightStaff to implement their website strategy by creating a new "look and feel" that brought their website to life.

TransSynergy created an integrated campaign concept around the jack, the main element of the RightStaff logo. The suite of materials focuses on the jack theme and has unique design elements such as a creative format and a cut out of the logo on printed materials.

As part of the kick-off campaign, TransSynergy suggested a set of physical jacks be delivered with the brochures to achieve full impact.

Branded Collateral

"Number one, we wanted to mirror the changes we made when rebranding our website," said Shelley Brandenburg, Marketing and Operations Manager of RightStaff Inc.

"Number two, we wanted the business card to be like a tiny brochure that someone could carry at all times. Finally, we wanted the design to draw attention and leave an impression."

Business cards are also very important to employees and there was much excitement regarding the RightStaff changes.

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To create a quality suite of collateral, Marfield provided the graphic design and printing expertise to bring the ideas to fruition. Marfield designed and printed a formal brochure and a smaller version for trade shows, both with custom die cuts in the shape of a jack.

For business cards Marfield created a custom-folded card that highlights Righstaff's services along with individual contact information.

"We're pleased with the results and with Marfield's customer service," Brandenburg said.

"Marfield is easy to work with," reiterated Donna Hegdahl, TransSynergy’s CEO. "Working together allows us to provide our clients with an integrated approach to projects, and a cost effective solution."

"The partnership between Marfield and The TransSynergy Group has helped a number of fellow women-owned enterprises over the years," said Lee Ann Packard, Marfield President and CEO. "As a result, we’re offering a package that takes advantage of our two companies' cross-media strengths. The TransSynergy Group helps you craft a strategic message design and execute a digital presentation. Then Marfield brings the message to life in brilliant color in the print medium to leave a lasting impression."

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