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4 Steps to Make the Most of Business Greeting Cards

The reason most organizations send business greetings is to build good will among loyal customers, key supplier partners, and employees. They know that customers want to do business with people who make them feel appreciated.

Year-round appreciation is available from Marfield!

  • You’re the THOUGHTFUL one at the office
  • who knows their BIRTHDAYS and ANNIVERSARIES with the company
  • who grabs a SYMPATHY card when life happens
  • who makes new people feel WELCOME
  • We’ve collected some of the best tips in the industry into four game-changing steps to make the most of business greetings – and help you leave a measurable impression!

    1. Plan in Advance

    a calendarWhenever you send any message, the first step is to think about your audience. Whether you plan to do a mass mailing to your target audience or individual greetings first plan in advance. Is your mailing list together and are the addresses accurate? Do you know about how many you’ll be sending, and how many contacts you might forecast to be added in the months before you target mailing date? Marfield can help with addressing and mailing services.

    Have key account executives and officers plan ahead with some time to personally sign as many cards as they can. Hint: A brief personal note sharing a memory with a specific recipient can make a big difference between the recycle bin and valuable real estate on their wall.

    When printing the address, it’s best to avoid fonts that make the card undeliverable. Serif fonts work best. Also plan for some time to assemble and stamp the cards (Marfield can help here too). A postage stamp makes for a more favorable personal message than running it through the postage meter. You should allow 2 weeks for custom printing and delivery.

    holiday card with a star and the words With Grateful Appreciation2. Choose a Business-Friendly Greeting

    You want to avoid a message that comes across dull, false or impersonal. The same holds true for B2B greetings. They are a reflection of you and your brand. When they open their cards, they may not take time to read a lengthy text, but a short uplifting or inspiring verse might make their day.

    3. Consider a Call to Action

    a red box wrapped in gold ribbon topped with a bow and with a web button that says Get or GiveA simple call to action beyond reading and pasting on the wall can make your greeting card mailing really work for you. Many people simply enclose a business card in their greeting cards. This is especially true in cases where a title or contact information has changed, or new social media addresses are available. A QR response code leads to a web page with share-worthy information. It’s not unheard of to offer a free gift to be redeemed online or on site (keep in mind that many organizations prohibit their employees from receiving gifts, even those of nominal value).

    4. Personalize the Card and Envelope to Reflect Your Brand

    holiday card with the words Greeting and Company Name HereWhen your customers, employees and partners receive their cards, they’ll make a connection between the quality of the paper and your return address. With Marfield’s selection, each greeting card can be customized just the way you want. To stand out even more, consider:


    Thanksgiving is the perfect time for companies to say thank you to clients, business associates and employees for their loyalty throughout the year.


    Holiday cards offer your warmest wishes for peace, happiness, reverent reflection, and joyful celebration.

    New Year

    New Year cards offer the opportunity to reflect on the journey of the passing year and wish prosperity in the coming year.

    Welcome New Staff

    Welcome cards help celebrate the arrival of new staff, new clients, and new partners

    Happy Anniversary

    Anniversary recognize the tenure and dedication of your staff, and the loyalty of your customers

    Get Well and Sympathy

    Get Well and Sympathy cards can be reassuring when your staff or clients are suffering, or merely pause in respect and share the load when life happens

    Happy Birthday

    Birthday cards celebrate the joys of special occasions and express your best wishes


    Congratulations cards reflect on successes, achievements, felicitous events and a job well done

    Thank You Cards

    Thank You cards recognize those who have graced you with their time and contributed to your success—for specific acts, or throughout the year