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Everyone wants their company to stand out from the crowd, but what’s the secret?

Brand Development, also known as Corporate Design, Visual Identity, Graphic Branding…but, they all mean the same thing. It’s the building of a visual connection between your business and the people connected to it.

All companies have a vision for their brand — colors, fonts, symbols, imagery, and/or words. When you combine these objects, a visual representation of the brand is born, and your audience now has a tangible way to remember you and differentiate you from the competition.

In Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, they “found that nearly six-in-10 global respondents (59%) prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them, and 21% say they purchased a new product because it was from a brand they like.” This is why Brand Development is crucial for your business. It provides the ability to get your vision out to your audience so that it’s immediately recognizable by consumers.

So how do you start? Check out our infographic on “Brand Development” and how the following 5 Simple Steps will build a visual connection between your business and the people connected to it — employees, contractors, partners, but most importantly, your customers.

Marfield Guide-Brand Development

To download a full resolution copy of this infographic, click here.

Your brand development is a valuable investment you need to make in your business. While successful branding takes time, if followed correctly, it will begin to improve the long-term success of your marketing initiatives.

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