Do you know one design element that can make consumers either love or loathe your brand?


Design is multidimensional, but fonts are capable of provoking visceral reactions that either make or break your project. Do I dare mention two of the most controversial fonts in the known world…Comic Sans and Papyrus? These fonts became the “nails on the chalkboard” for the design community, and the contempt has now spread to most of the general population. In fact, if you want a chuckle, check out the hybrid creation of the two detested fonts by font designer Ben Harman here.

My point is, everyone has an opinion on fonts. And, everyone is a design critic. So with that in mind, when selecting a font for your brand, there are several vital things to keep in mind. View the Infographic below for pitfalls to avoid, and examples of font styles.

Marfield Guide-Fonts

To download a full resolution copy of this infographic, click here.


If your brand has the budget, you may want to consider developing a custom font for your brand. Our corporate client, Toyota, collaborated with Monotype to create their new font, Toyota Type. Check out the video Monotype and Toyota produced to launch their new font and brand guidelines.



Before I end this blog, I want to discuss the art of combining fonts. The reason to do this is simple, it breaks up graphics and blocks of text, creating a pleasant visual flow across the printed page. I can’t stress enough how essential this can be for your brand.

Rules for Mixing fonts


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