Business cards are an office essential, but they’re more than that, too. They are representative of you as well as your business (especially when you are not around). They’re also a small blank canvas, ready to be personalized with messages, images, and more. And, because they are available in a wide variety of stocks and print processes, they’re a great way for your business to always look their best on paper.

1. Quality Paper & Printing

The perceived quality of the paper and the printing is important as it represents the pride that you have in your business. The thicker the paper stock the more it speaks that you are willing to invest in and believe in your business and your brand. It can also be an indicator the level of success that you and your business enjoy-like they say “first impressions speak volumes”.

2. Fish Bowls

Years ago when I first started in sales, I learned to seek out the business card fishbowl at restaurants and other places of business in my community. Its free exposure to your brand. Not only does it show how the quality of your card compares to all the others in the bowl, it is subliminal messaging for your company and your name. You might even get a free sandwich out of it.

3. Investment Myth

Not all quality business cards are expensive. Work with a printer that specializes in business cards and takes time to learn about you and your business. Experts offer you experience and trends in graphic design and print techniques that reflect your business personality. They can guide you in determining the most relevant information to display on your cards. Don’t get too carried away and make your business card read like the Reader’s Digest® version of your company brochure.

4. Calling Cards

Here’s where we get to the real purpose for business cards. Back in the 19th century calling cards represented a person’s position in society, adorned with family crests and aristocratic status. Not so far from today’s use, a business card represents an organization or enterprise and somewhat “pre-qualifies” the bearer as an official representative thereof (and in some cases the owners hard work, blood, sweat and tears).

5. Greetings

Enclose your business card when you send thank you notes or greeting cards to your business associates. The presence of your card validates the business relationship and once again, speaks for your company and your name. Some companies have special business cards created just for enclosure in a holiday gift or give-away at tradeshows that doubles as a coupon or discount offer.

6. Out of the Ordinary

Another helpful way to keep your marketing message moving in the right direction is to add a QR code to your cards that lead the prospect to your website or a product video. There are video business cards available today that actually contain a video screen and sound. How about a uniquely shaped business card? Business cards can be easily designed for use as tiny menus like a special drink menu for instance (die cut into the shape of a martini glass), serve as business gift tags, event tickets, and special event souvenirs. Business cards are a good way to relay a product’s brand message or specific purpose that makes an impact. With today’s print technology, each card in the box can be printed with a unique name or message.

Make a Difference

As your business gears up for the upcoming new year, consider some ways that a small investment in business cards can make a huge impact on your business messaging. And if you need us, take advantage of Marfield’s expertise to help.