In 2018 Marfield will be celebrating 50 years in the commercial printing business. We are so grateful to all of our dedicated and loyal customers and employees who paved the way. We are proud to put our history to work for our customers – but what does all this history offer? Since we’ve been in business for decades, we’re offering up our experience to work to your advantage.

In addition to our expertise in printing capabilities (including offset, digital, embossing and engraving services), did you know that we also offer other products and services?

Graphic Design Services

We staff professional graphic designers. So, whether your inside creative team needs back-up, or we can assist you with branding or marketing, we are here to help.

Promotional Marketing

Our dedicated promotional product Sales Manager is available to discuss trends and ideas to promote your business brand, initiative, new product or service.

Mail Marketing

Can we help your business grow with our Design, Print & Mail program? Many of our clients trust Marfield in assisting them with mail marketing, to help grow their business.

Video Greeting Cards & Sound Cards

We load your video or audio to a custom-printed card to introduce and demonstrate your new product, your company, a unique invitation or numerous other creative uses.

Keeping With Tradition

As we begin to celebrate our anniversary, we invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as we will be sharing with you our photos and stories about our last 50 years. At Marfield, we believe that our team members are our company’s best asset and we are looking forward to sharing our journey with you. Most of all, in 2018 we want Marfield to live up to its history. Therefore, we remain dedicated to your satisfaction.